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Go Beyond Identifying Your Anonymous Traffic and Get to Know Visitors Personally

We deliver anonymous visitor emails PLUS individual demographic profile information

Our AI platform automatically segments audiences by campaign response behavior

Our AI-models deliver unique insights that continuously improve so you stay ahead of your competition

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KRATEO.AI is a proprietary, prospect insight platform (PIP) that uniquely empowers brands to engage personally with anonymous website visitors, better understand existing customer behavior, build more effective campaigns, and optimize sales channels for greater ROI.


Meet Your Invisible Website Guests


more Brand Aware Prospects

Statistically, most websites collect about 2.5% of first-party data through voluntary sign ups, which means that over 97% of visitors take no action and are a lost opportunity...until now. KRATEO.AI turns anonymous visitors into brand aware, addressable prospects by delivering emails PLUS individual profiles so you can reach out personally using any sales channel!

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Loyalty has Major Perks!


more likely to become loyal customers

Building trust begins with knowing and understanding more about each prospect. KRATEO.AI delivers individual profiles that include site behavior and campaign response so your marketing teams can create highly targeted messaging for specific audiences, driving up ROAS while lowering overall CAC and increasing revenue. Talk about a win-win!


Predictive modeling that keeps improving


increase in profit when customers trust your brand

The eCommerce landscape is changing. Customers are more demanding and competition is around every corner. As the growing noise of marketing gets louder, the best companies understand that relationships are an investment in time as much as money. It's no longer a high volume game. It's a personalized one. KRATEO.AI gives you insights on individuals so you can stand tall in any crowd, no matter how loud it gets out there.

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KRATEO.AI gives brands the ability to lower customer acquisition costs, build exceptional brand value, and increase lifetime customer retention.

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What Can You Expect From KRATEO.AI in the First 12 Weeks?

*All results will vary depending on web traffic volume, existing marketing tools and maturity of marketing teams and strategies.

Weeks 1-2

Place the tag and start identifying individual anonymous visitors by name and visit frequency, not just email.

Weeks 3-6

See audience segments by behavior and begin finding "act-a-like" prospects for more effective targeted campaigns.

Weeks 7-9

AI-powered insights based on campaign response to help create the perfect feedback platform for marketing success.

Weeks 10-12

Continuously improving AI models build predictive forecasts that anticipate response to specific campaign messaging.


Own Your 1st Party Data and Start Building Real Relationships with Prospects and Existing Customers

We get it. Telling people that you have the most data is a great way to brag to your Board. But at the end of the day, we're willing to bet that you'd trade data volume for data usefulness. KRATEO.AI is built to do one thing and one thing only: show insights that you can use TODAY! So stop wasting time...

Make Your Business Personal

It's time to turn your anonymous web traffic into your most valuable revenue resource...loyal customers.

Our Industry Partners


Andre Peschong, Board Member, Impossible Kicks

“ has delivered over 350,000 prospects from our own web traffic. That alone has saved us thousands in costs but the consumer data they deliver lets us get specific with our messaging, which is creating a real competitive advantage in our space."

Barry Gold, Founder, Think Data Group

“ has taken the first steps toward unlocking an entirely new way to engage with prospects and understand consumer behavior."

Martin Bispels, Founder, Upper Park Disc Golf

“This type of data is crucial for retargeting campaigns and delivers in ways I’ve never seen. It’s still early days but I’m excited to see where they take this platform!“

Tom and Sean, Co-Founders at BeCogent

“We have been looking for a partner that can help us help our members transition to a world without 3rd party cookies. After a long and thorough search, we are excited to be partnering with Krateo. After evaluating many solutions, including vendors in their category, Krateo rose above them all in features, execution, and team."

Katie Spaller, Marketing Director, Kenetik

“Using Krateo, we're gaining valuable insights into who our customers are and uncovering previously unknown prospects. These insights will help us optimize our messaging across the customer journey, which we expect will lower customer acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value. It's been incredible collaborating with the Krateo team!“

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