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PEP: The Missing Consumer Behavior Link

Updated: Apr 10

The search has been going on for decades, but the answer has been elusive. Blurry. Along the way, pioneers and professionals have wandered tirelessly, looking for clues to help unravel this great mystery. Meanwhile, the world was forced to lean on tiny bits of data to form their hypotheses and build and ultimately risk their reputations.

I’m talking about consumer data, of course. And the 2-5% of data that brands and businesses collect from engaged prospects and customers daily, to try and understand and forecast future customer behavior and intent. But with such a small sample size to work with, the looming unanswered question has always been “what about that other 95%?” The relationship between the known and unknown has been a source of wonder and imagination for marketers and data scientists since the dawn of the Internet.

Now, here we are in 2024 and has fused technology and innovation to solve the mystery of this legendary “missing link.” By combining the might of intelligent algorithms, highly accurate data sources, advanced analytics, and AI/ML together, we can at last pull the curtain back on this huge consumer data mystery.

Yes, in 2024, the world will finally know the answer to: “what about that other 95%?” logo missing link is missing no more.

And that answer comes in the form of's first of its kind Prospect Engagement Platform (PEP), designed for, and wholly committed to, decoding anonymous visitor identities, and pairing them with individual site engagement profiles, so that machine learning technology builds accurate, continuously improving, predictive models and AI-driven insights for this massive, formerly unaddressable audience.

In other words, we did it! We captured Bigfoot. The Yeti. The Chupacabra.

Turns out they were surfing the web anonymously the whole time.

Check out WWW.KRATEO.AI for more information.

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